Gavin Dilney

. . . a character created by Iris Bromige

Primary Appearance:

The Challenge of Spring
We meet Gavin Dilney at a cocktail party at Delia's home where he is introduced as a structural engineer. He mentions that he is moving his offices from London to Ellarton.

It is in his new home, Broomhill near Rushleigh, that Delia meets him again. After an inauspicious start she and Gavin build a friendship while she works for his aunt, the author Sophie Dilney. (Sophie and her sister Jessica are in residence in Broomhill while they wait for their own home to become available.)

Gavin's past comes back to haunt him with the reappearance of beautiful Virginia Loris, a woman he was once engaged to and by whom he was jilted just before the wedding.

Gavin proposes to Delia on a skiing holiday.

Other Appearances:

Gavin's Family:

paternal aunts

Sophie Dilney author

Jessica Dilney retired

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