. . . an index of major characters in Iris Bromige's stories

Characters are indexed by first name with cross reference by nick name (where required). Click on the name to read more about the character including in which books they appear.

Alex Madison
Alexandra. Married surname Lynton.

Antonia Mendyp
Also called Tonie. Married surname Valais.

Bridget Armadale
Married surname Rainwood.

Christine Rainwood
Also called Kit. Married surname Coalville. Twin sons, Simon and Martin.

Clive Madison

Darrel Brynton

Deborah Ryan
Married surname Barbury.

Delia Lydgate
Cordelia. Married surname Dilney.

Dinah Courtland
Married surname Birch.

Emma Vurney
Married surname Rogart.

Jane Langdale
Married surname Carstairs.

Jean Lansford
Married surname Brynton.

Jennifer Barbury
Married surname Vurney. A daughter, Valerie.

Joel Vurney

Frances Barbury
Also called Frankie. Married surname Falkland.

Gavin Dilney
A structural engineer.

Giles Coalville
Runs a forestry and tree nursery business to support his inherited estate.

Guy Carstairs

Guy Romsey
A lawyer.

Nicholas Barbury
Also called Nick. A writer.

Nigel Lynton
Dr Lynton, a bio-chemist working in a Research Station near Elton.

Pierre Valais

Philippa Croyde
Married surname Blayde.

Philip Rogart

Robert Rainwood
A lawyer.

Rolf Falkland
An owner/manager of a family building business.

Rupert Blayde
A lawyer in the same firm as Robert Rainwood.

Sarah Rushden
Married surname Rannock.

Silas Helmsdale

Simon Rannock

Sophie Ventnor
Married surname Romsey.

Susan Rainwood

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