The Young Romantic

. . . an Iris Bromige title

The Young Romantic (1964)
Hodder and Stoughton (1964)

Melanie gives up her secretarial work in London to return to her old country home, Hazelwood, which her aunts now run as an hotel. Settling easily into country life again, she finds herself caught up in romance and the intrigue which surrounds it. She becomes involved with two men, the impressionable Robin Vinchard, a friend of her childhood, and a newcomer to the neighbourhood, the cynical, much-travelled ex-reporter, Ian Lancing. Her romantic idealism colours her view of Robin and challenges the bitter scepticism of Ian, who has experienced some of the harsher realities of life. Both of these men have much to teach her, and the lessons bring confusion and unhappiness before she finds the right road.

The Young Romantic (1966)
Hodder and Stoughton (1966)

The frustratingly hectic and busy life Melanie led as secretary to the Managing Director of a business empire allowed her no time for hesitation when her aunts wrote and asked her to help them run their peaceful hotel. She went. And the relief she found in a forgotten way of life turned into love for a man she had forgotten, a childhood sweetheart who seemed to be part of everything she loved. And who seemed to love her.

The Young Romantic (1971)
IPC Magazines - Woman's Weekly Library
No 644 (1971)

Her love for him was hopeless - if what she had overheard was true ...

The Young Romantic (1974)
Coronet Books (1974)

Melanie led a frustratingly hectic and busy life as secretary to the managing director of a business empire. Her beloved stepmother had wanted her to have a successful business career in the city. But Melanie hated living in London and gladly accepted her aunts invitation to help them run their peaceful country hotel.

Once she reached the quiet refuge of Hazelwood, Melanie was sure she had made the right decision. And the relief she found in a forgotten way of life turned into love for a man she had almost forgotten, a childhood sweetheart called Robin. He was part of everything she loved, and he seemed to love her too. But beyond the new happiness of this old romance, there was the intriguing stranger, Ian . . .

The Young Romantic (1975)
Ballantine (1975)

The idea of marrying her childhood sweetheart appealed to Melanie's romantic nature. She gave up her career in the big city to become engaged to Robin and remain in the Hampshire meadows where they first shared the sweetness of youthful affections.

But time stood still for the boy back home. While the passing years made a woman of Melanie, they did little for Robin. His flights of fancy now seemed to her more like petty self-indulgences; his concern for her whereabouts seemed like a childish attempt to control her. She wondered about his inability to free himself from his mother's apron strings. To complicate her plans even further, a handsome stranger appeared . . . and suddenly, for the first time in her life, Melanie found herself falling in love!

IPC Magazines - Woman's Weekly Images of Love
Vol 4, No 24 (1987)

Melanie Sherbroke was in love and all her world reflected it. She didn't see the shadows in her grandmother's eyes, or feel the jealousy that smouldered around her. She refused to listen to Ian Lancing's cynical comments on her future happiness until it was too late, and by then the storm clouds were gathering.

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1964 Hodder and Stoughton hardback
1966 Hodder and Stoughton paperback
1966 Coronet Books paperback Second Impression 1974
1971 IPC Magazines paperback Woman's Weekly Library (No 644)
1975 Ballantine paperback
1987 IPC Magazines paperback Woman's Weekly Images of Love (Vol 4, No 24)

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