The Youngest Rayburn

. . . an Anne Tracey title

The Youngest Rayburn (1951)
Herbert Jenkins (1951)

This is the story of Teresa Rayburn who soon after her twentieth birthday learned that the man whose companionship she had treasured as a child and whom she had later grown to love, was going to marry her sister.

When Rex married Janet, Teresa felt that she had no place in their lives, and to escape she accepted a post in a remote hotel on the fringe of Exmoor. There, to her surprise, she found that the gap which Rex had left and which she had thought would never be filled, began to close. Her meeting with Kevin Brooke began the change and the progress of their stormy friendship against the colourful background of hotel life completed it.

This is a romance which is obviously the work of an experienced novelist. Written with sincerity and charm it has a quality of appeal which must immediately raise it to the forefront of romatic stories.

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1951 Herbert Jenkins hardback Writing as Anne Tracey.

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