The Traceys

. . . an Iris Bromige title

The Traceys (1946)
Longmans, Green and Co (1946)

The background for this novel is "Hurtwood", a shabby old house on the outskirts of a Surrey village. It is the story of a happy middle class family; of the elder and the younger sisters; of the good young man and the bad; and of the impact of war upon them.

Fundamentally the same in surroundings and characters as the author's first novel "Stay But Till Tomorrow," this novel has all the vividness of characterisation which made that book so attractive.

The Traceys (1974?)
Beagle Books - 1974

Clare was a liberated woman - and she'd paid a high price for her freedom. At first it all seemed worthwhile, but when her lover threw her over for another woman, a woman who could further his career - the emptiness of her life was filled with pain. Oh, there were other men who could love her, would love her - if only she'd let them ...

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1946 Longmans, Green and Co hardback
1974 Beagle Boooks paperback

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