Tangled Roots

. . . an Iris Bromige title

Tangled Roots (1948)
Longmans, Green and Co (1948)

This new story by Iris Bromige is about two women, one who finds happiness and peace in her thirties, after a youth marked by folly and despair, the other a younger woman, who becomes entangled in the same unhappy toils from which her friend had escaped.

Readers of ealier novels by the same author will recognise in this new book her lively sympathy and understanding treatment of human problems, and of those especially which beset the female heart.

The Tangled Roots (1975)
Ballantine Books (1975)

She's forgotten her past - Until her old love appeared with her best friend.... It was over. Irene had more than paid the price for her foolish youthful romance. She wanted to forget Barry Lingford, forget his laughter, his lovemaking, his lies. She had Michael now.

But suddenly Barry came back into her life, reawakening a past she'd kept hidden for years. With Michael at her side, Irene felt she could weather the hurtful memories - until Barry decided to replay the whole affair...with Irene's best friend!

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1948 Longmans, Green and Co hardback Published 13 September 1948
1975 Ballantine Books paperback As The Tangled Roots

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