A Sheltering Tree

. . . an Iris Bromige title

A Sheltering Tree (1970)
Hodder and Stoughton (1970)

At one stroke a car crash robs Jennifer Barbury (Mirabel Rainwood's grand-daughter) of two close friends and puts an end to her own promising musical career. To escape from the constant solicitude of the Rainwood family circle she accepts an invitation to stay with her cousin Christine in the Border country. There the sympathy is less obtrusive and there, too, Jennifer meets Joel and his vivacious four year old niece, and despite Christine's disapproval of Joel, she finds despair gradually yielding to hope again under the influence of his dominant personality and the child's unquenchable zest for life.

A Sheltering Tree (1973)
Beagle Books (1973)

Could she escape the past or did it still live within her?

In a blind dive for sanctuary, Jennifer finds herself among the quiet Border hills, taking on a job as housekeeper to the arrogant and handsome Joel Vurney, his invalid mother, and his exasperating young niece.

Here - where nobody knows her past history except her cousin Christine - she can start again, be useful, feel safe. The only obstacle is her cousin, who hates Joel Vurney ...

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1970 Hodder and Stoughton hardback Published 13 July 1970
1973 Beagle Books paperback

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