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Rosevean (1962) by Jenny Paul
Hodder and Stoughton (1962)

Gemma, at eighteen, was heiress not only to the Pendine fortune but to Rosevean, the Pendine home in Cornwall. Rosevean was a house of grim conflict, for Gemma's autocratic grandmother had already decided who should be the husband of the young heiress - only to discover that her grand-daughter had a mind and an infexible will of her own.

Rosevean (1974)
Coronet (1974)

Ann Forester came to Rosevean to escape the shadow of the tragic past. Her job was to act as companion to lively eighteen-year-old Gemma, heiress to both the Pendine fortune and the great house of Rosevean.

Gemma's formidable grandmother had already decided on a suitable husband for her. But Gemma herself had other ideas - and intended to put them into practice.

Rosevean (1974)
White Lion (1974)

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1962 Hodder and Stoughton hardback
1962 Chilton hardback
1964 Coronet paperback Second Impression 1974
1965 Paperback Library paperback
1973 Beagle Books paperback
1974 White Lion hardback

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