The Paths of Summer

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The Paths of Summer (1979)
Hodder and Stoughton (1979)

Working for Conrad Ravensburg, the smooth, the celebrated, the successful author, has brought Josephine a career as satisfying as it is varied and exciting. It had been worth breaking an engagement four years ago in order to to become the increasingly invaluable right-hand of this grand old man of letters. She had travelled the world and gained poise and assurance in his shadow. And as far as Mike Wexford was concerned four years is surely time enough for healing water to flow under many bridges. So when Josephine meets her former fiance again she faces the shutters of bitter hostility Mike raises against her with surprise and dismay. It is also more than a little embarrassing, as they have many good friends in common and avoiding encounters is difficult. But beyond the social embarrassment there is real hurt. Determined to set the record straight, Josephine probes into the four year past and is shattered to find her charming employer has a streak of ruthless self-interest in his dealings with other people to which she has been blind for too long. But once aware of the facts, Josephine sets out to rememdy a situation in a manner which takes courage and at the same time becomes a quest for the paths of summer past.

The Paths of Summer (1981)
Coronet (1981)

Working for Conrad Ravensburg, the celebrated and successful grand old man of letters, had given Josephine a rich and varied career for the last four years. It was worth breaking her engagement to Mike Wexford so that she could become the right hand of such a famous author.

She was not prepared, though, for the bitterness and hostility she encounters when she meets Mika again. Determined to set the record straight, Josephine probes into the last few years and finds she will need plenty of courage to walk again along the paths of summer past ...

IPC Magazines - Woman's Weekly Fiction Series
Vol 9 No 21 (1982)

When Josephine Riverton learned that her ex-fiance Mike Wexford was back in town, she began to relive the events which had led to their parting. Mike had resented the claims made on Josephine's time by Conrad Ravensthorpe, the distinguished man for whom she worked. Her six-month trip with Conrad to Switzerland had evidently been the last straw, for when she returned Mike had gone to live in Cornwall. Now, meeting him again after four years, she found him rude and aggressive. Had there been a deeper reason for his sudden departure, some misunderstanding which had never come to light?

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1979 Hodder and Stoughton hardback Published 5 March 1979
1981 Coronet paperback
1982 IPC Magazines paperback Woman's Weekly Fiction Series (Vol 9 No 21)

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