The New Owner

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The New Owner (1956)
Hodder and Stoughton (1956)

Stella Verney was distressed when she heard that John Marbury was about to sell The Cormorant Hotel, without mentioning it to her until he had to.

Her future had seemed so assured both in the hotel and with John, but now, though John would still be manager, everything was going to be different. She was right: the hated new owner was to alter her life completely, and her ideas about the man she was to marry.

The New Owner (1973)
Beagle Books (1973)

Stella had the perfect job at the Cormorant Hotel. She loved the old hotel, and she loved its dashing owner. So it came as a terrible shock when her beloved John sold out to grim businessman Nicholas Darrington.

Since Darrington generously allowed them to stay and run the hotel as before, Stella thought that her relationship with John would stay the same. But strange and shady goings-on at the hotel soon changed her mind - and she had to take a closer look at the man she loved and the man she hated . . .

The New Owner (1975)
Coronet Books (1975)

Stella was upset by the sudden news that John Marbury was about to sell the Cormorant Hotel. She had a strong feeling of personal loyalty towards the place where she had worked for several years as a secretary. And besides, it was tacitly agreed that she and John would eventually get married.

Although John stayed on at the Cormorant as manager, the arrival of the new owner changed everything. For in spite of the fact that Nicholas Darrington was a well-known explorer, he also had definite ideas about running the hotel. To make the whole situation even worse, John was very offhand about the whole affair. He was paying more attention to one of the hotel guests, a wealthy and attractive young widow. He said he was hoping to re-purchase the hotel, but Stella couldn't help wondering whether that was the whole story.

IPC Magazines - Woman's Weekly Fiction Series
Vol 6 No 5 (1979)

As Shifting Sands

Stella Verney loved her job at the Cormorant Hotel, situated on the wind-swept Cornish coast. The hotel had always belonged to the Marbury family and Stella was firm friends with John Marbury, its present owner. Then, out of the blue, John informed her that he had been forced to sell the Cormorant, when only three years ago it had been a flourishing concern. Stella was hurt and puzzled beyond measure, and the arrogant new owner, Nicholas Darrington, did nothing to resolve her peace of mind.

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1956 Hodder and Stoughton hardback Published 4 January 1956
1973 Beagle Books paperback
1975 Coronet paperback
1979 IPC Magazines paperback Woman's Weekly Fiction Series (Vol 6 No 5) - As Shifting Sands

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