A House Without Love

. . . an Iris Bromige title

A House Without Love (1964)
Hodder and Stoughton (1964)

Jill Courtland's friendship with the Dynards is frowned upon by her grandfather, Andrew Courtland, a wealthy man who rules his business empire and the Courtland family with ruthless power. In his eyes, the Dynards are feckless, artistic types who have a bad influence on his lively young granddaughter, and he has no intention of allowing her to become involved with Paddy Dynard when he has other plans for her in the shape of Martin Teviot, the son of his friend.

But Jill, with a mind of her own, dislikes Martin Teviot from the first violent impact with him, a dislike which he returns with equal fervour. Her grandfather's match-making campaign and the Courtland family's gossip and intrigue make life difficult for Jill in her year of decision.

A House Without Love (not dated)
Beagle Books (not dated)

She couldn't stand Martin .... but Jill Courtland's autocratic grandfather was determined she should marry him - and very much against her involvement with carefree, artistic Paddy Dynard. A year of decision, of strife and intrigue, of romance and misery, culminates in surprises for Jill and all the Courtlands.

The dramatic story of Jill's sister Dinah is told in The Family Web - another enchanting IRIS BROMIGE romance from Beagle.

A House Without Love (1980)
Severn Housen (1980)

Ever since the death of her father, Jill Courtland's life has been one long battle to maintain her freedom at Holly Hill, the house which her grandfather, Andrew Courtland rules with a rod of iron.

Andrew Courtland is the head of a wealthy empire and manipulates his family at his will. Only Jill's father and elder sister have ever dared to oppose his plans and this makes him all the more determined not to be thwarted when he decides Jill should marry their neighbour Martin Teviot, the son of a business friend. Both Jill and Martin have other ideas though ... Jill dislikes Martin intensely, preferring the company of Paddy Dynard, a local artist, and Martin thinks Jill is a spoilt, selfish child. It seems unlikely that Andrew Courtland can bring this headstrong couple together, until events take a sudden turn ...

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1964 Hodder and Stoughton hardback
? Beagle Books paperback
? Coronet paperback
1980 Severn House hardback

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