The House of Conflict

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The House of Conflict (1953)
Hodder and Stoughton (1953)

When she accepted interesting employment with the Cedar family, Pauline found she had suddenly entered a whirlpool of headstrong, opposed personalities. And it was a long time before love entered the house ...

On the back fo the dust wrapper:

"Do you think I would break a promise given to your father when he was dying?"

"I don't know. I'm asking you."

She looked at him with shocked incredulity. He leaned back in his chair and felt in his pocket for his cigarette case, his face implacable, his eyes meeting hers with a calmness which was brutal. She looked away, unable to believe that he could insult her with such cool deliberation. And suddenly she understood. He wanted to punish her for what she had done to him. He was going to enjoy making her pay for it. And beneath her sick dismay, she knew that it was because he had been hurt so badly that he wanted to hurt her. And for nothing, she thought passionately ... He could hurt her so much just because she loved him ...

The House of Conflict as Shall Love Be Lost? (1974)
Beagle Books (1974)

As Shall Love Be Lost?

The lovely house, the beautiful countryside - what a happy contrast to the troubled Cedar family that dwelled there. When Pauline Avon first arrived, as a secretary to old Mr Cedar, she didn't expect to find such disparity.

But the old man's obsession with the past left little room for his family - and they had all turned inwardly destructive. Pauline soon found that Mark Cedar could not return her love, and that his brother Derek, for his own warped reasons, was content to let Mark think that Pauline was his mistress ...

The House of Conflict as Shall Love Be Lost? (1976)
Corgi Books (1976)

As Shall Love Be Lost?

When Pauline Avon went as secretary to Mr. Cedar, she thought she had found the perfect job. She was entranced by the beautiful house, the quiet Dartmoor countryside, the friendliness of the family - and she soon realised that she and Mark, the eldest son, were drawn together in something more than mere friendship. But she sensed that under the surface, something was wrong.

Old Mr.s Cedar was writing the biography of his son John, killed twenty years before in a climbing accident, and the memory of his dead son obsessed him so much that his other children, shut out of his affections, had grown up resenting their father, and each other.

Then, after a foolish misunderstanding, Mark began to suspect that Pauline and Derek, his younger brother, were having an affair - and Derek, for reasons of his own, was content to let him go on believing it. Suddenly Pauline's happiness turned to dispair ...

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1953 Hodder and Stoughton hardback Published April 1953
1974 Beagle Books paperback As Shall Love Be Lost?
1976 Corgi Books paperback As Shall Love Be Lost?

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