A Haunted Landscape

. . . an Iris Bromige title

A Haunted Landscape (1976)
Hodder and Stoughton (1976)

For Sophie Ventnor, Julyan's Court, with its treasured gardens, was a totally absorbing and satisfying Eden. She asked nothing more of life than to be able to continue inhabiting it, helping her father with his botanical research, illustrating his books for him, and tending the rare plants which they nurtured together. And there was also Robin, a dear childhood friend, to whom one day she would be married.

But Edens are not permanent habitations, and when the Romsey family arrived in the neighbourhood Sophie knew fear, like a sparrow seeing hawks flying over its territory. Frank Romsey was the dynamically successful tycoon who had swallowed up her Robin in his business empire. Frank Romsey's son Guy and daughter Thelma shared their father's good looks, his personality and drive. They were born winners in a competitive world, and as events caused Sophie's more gentle universe to crumble about her, she realised just how fragile her happiness had been.

In the struggle to find her feet again, she was grateful for Guy Romsey's coolly practical help. At the dame time she was wary of his dominating personality, determined not to get further involved with any member of the family which had destroyed so much that she had cherished. But Sophie was to find that some resolutions are easier to make than to maintain.

A Haunted Landscape (1978)
Coronet (1978)

For Sophie Ventnor the treasured gardens of Julyan's Court were an idyllic Eden. Sharing this perfect world with her father and Robin, the dear childhood friend whom she would one day marry, Sophie felt happy and secure.

But the peace of Julyan's Court was rudely shattered with the arrival of the Romsey family - Frank Romsey, the dynamic tycoon who swallowed Robin up in his business empire; his son Guy, and daughter Thelma. And for the first time in her sheltered life, Sophie tasted fear - fear of the Romseys and all they stood for.

Guy's family had destroyed much that she had cherished, and Sophie vowed that he would never be a friend of hers. Yet in her struggle to reconstruct her fragile world, she found herself drawn to him. Not as a friend perhaps, but something else, something more . . .

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1976 Hodder and Stoughton hardback Published 12 July 1976
1978 Coronet paperback

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