Fair Prisoner

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Fair Prisoner (1960)
Hodder and Stoughton (1960)

When Sarah Dallas, for her invalid mother's sake, accepted a post as housekeeper in her uncle's house in the country in return for a home for them both, she did so with many doubts, for she could still remember the warning which her father had given her shortly before he died. "There's a mean, avaricious little soul hiding behind your Uncle Edwin's smile, my dear. He serves Mammon. Give him a wide berth."

To Sarah's mother, however, a spacious home in the country, free of financial worry, seemed a wonderful exchange for their cramped home in a London suburb.

This is the story of the prison Sarah found herself in; of her introduction to the Madison family who lived nearby at "Camerino", the lovely old house on Juniper Hill; and of how it became for Sarah a castle in the air, containing all the freedom and happiness from which she was debarred.

Fair Prisoner (1969)
Pan Books Ltd (1969)

Trapped in a house of double talk and trecherous smiles, concern for her invalid mother rendered Sarah helpless when lies and jealousy took unfair advantage of circumstance.

Sarah longed to exchange her country prison for the shelter of Clive's arms, to be pressed agains him in the delerious urgency of love.

She loved deeply, irrevocably, yet foolishly, for Clive believed her to be the mercenary mistress of a middle-aged tycoon.

Every nerve in her being longed for Clive to realise the truth ...

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1960 Hodder and Stoughton hardback Published 4 March 1954
? Romance Book Club hardback
1969 Pan Books Ltd paperback

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