A Distant Song

. . . an Iris Bromige title

A Distant Song (1977)
Hodder and Stoughton (1977)

Leaving London to return to live in the country cottage that had provided her happiest childhood memories, Sarah found that the Rannock family were still among her neighbours. As a child she had played with the four children. Now only Simon remained in the area, and his explorer father was a frail recluse, scarred emotionally as well as physically by his experiences. Helping Paul Rannock write his memoirs brought Sarah into continuing contact with the family and, at first, into open hostility from Simon who was opposed to his father reliving painful memories. Gradually, however, friendship was to deepen into love, until Christmas and the Gathering of the rest of the Rannock family brought beautiful Italian Anna from Simon's past to threaten Sarah's newfound happiness.

A Distant Song (1979)
Coronet (1979)

It was a labour of love for Sarah Rushden to restore Rylands, her childhood home, to its former beauty. For here at last she would realise her dreams of happiness and find the peace to write.

But Sarah had reckoned without her neighbours, the Rannocks, of nearby Marlyn Manor. Helping the frail and eldery father, Paul Rannock, to write his memoirs, Sarah soon found herself at odds with his family - and particularly with his young son Simon. But as their hostilities mellowed into friendship, and something more, Sarah dared to hope that she and Simon might one day find happiness together - until that fateful Christmas that threatened to dash all her cherished dreams forever .. .

A Distant Song (1980)
Pinnacle Books (1980)

Lovely Sarah Rsuhden had never forgotten childhood vacations spent at her grandparent's cottage in Sussex, or the Rannock children with whom she had played. But when she inherited the cottage 16 years later, and went there to write her second novel, she never expected her "playmates," especially Simon Rannock, to reenter her life and alter her future. Sarah knew immediately that Simon was destined to hold a special place in her heart, but he confused her. First by asking her not help his once successful father write his memoirs. And then, by seeming to welcome the return of Anna, his former lover. Sarah did not know whether to feel used or to fight for the man she loved. Could Simon's friendship grow into the fervor she yearned for, or did his brotherly concern simply mean that his passion was reserved for another.

IPC Magazines - Woman's Weekly Fiction Series
Vol 9 No 12 (1982)

Sarah Rushden felt at a crossroads - undecided which course in life to follow. She greatly admired Nicholas Barbury and was fascinated by his cool detachment, but a meeting with her childhood friend, Simon Rannock, disturbed and confused her. Here was a man she could only cross swords with - no matter what the outcome.

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1977 Hodder and Stoughton hardback
1979 Coronet paperback
1980 Pinnacle Books paperback
1982 IPC Magazines paperback Woman's Weekly Fiction Series (Vol 9 No 12)

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