Chequered Pattern

. . . an Iris Bromige title

Chequered Pattern (1947)
Longmans, Green and Co (1947)

This is a story of three young women, widely different in character and temperament; of their work, and what it meant to them; and of the men who were part of their lives.

Each of them, in her own way, seeks to make her life successful. Each of them has to face the problems and confliction that arise from this ambition.

In the chequered pattern of their lives, the efforts of Frankie (already familiar to readers of 'The Traceys') to build up happiness for herself on the tragic wreck of her past, are thrown into deeper relief by the serenity of Carol, a successful business woman, and the light-hearted adventures of Sarah, gaily and resolutely seeking success on the stage.

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1947 Longmans, Green and Co hardback Published 22 September 1947

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