The Challenge of Spring

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The Challenge of Spring (1965)
Hodder and Stoughton (1965)

Trying to fill the void in her life after the death of a much-loved brother, Delia Lydgate goes to stay with her grandparents in their peaceful Surrey home. The gentle countryside is bliss after London's social bustle and Delia is delighted to have the chance of becoming secretary to a local writer, Sophie Dilney. Delia's mother is equally delighted at her daughter's friendship with another neighbouring household, and hopes for a romance which will rewrite a page of her own youth. But Delia finds herself being drawn by some strange force to Gavin Dilney, her employer's sardonic nephew. The hopelessness of her love seems complete until an unforeseen accident leads to a full explanation and a happiness untarnished by memories of the past.

The Challenge of Spring (1967)
Hodder and Stoughton (1967)

Trying to fill the void in her life caused by the death of her brother, Delia Lydgate goes to stay with her grand-parents in their peaceful Surrey home, where she becomes secretary to Sophie Dilney, a local writer. Delia's friendship with the Dilney household, however, leads her into romance than is hopeless and it is not until an unforseen accident occurs that Delia's full happiness is realised.

The Challenge of Spring (1972)
IPC Magazines - Woman's Weekly Library
No 822 (1972)

He was stubborn and ruthless - yet no-one else could warm her heart as he did.

The Challenge of Spring (1972)
Beagle Books (1972)

Despite her mother's determined efforts to push Delia into marrying the son of an old friend, Delia had fallen in love with Gavin Dilney. Gavin was a handsome dominant man - but he was cold and almost inhuman towards Delia.

She was just another woman to him - a woman who might hurt him the way the beautiful and passionate Virginia had hurt him once before. And so his reaction was to treat Delia as though she was a child. And Delia could not reach him through the icy barrier - especially now that Virginia was back in town!

The Challenge of Spring (1974)
Coronet (1974)

Delia Lydgate was glad to exchange the wearyingly social life of her parents' London home for the quiet of her grandparents' house in the country. Perhaps a change of scene would help her forget her brother's tragic death.

But springtime in the peaceful Surrey countryside brought new and unexpected problems for Delia. Her job as a writer's secretary forced her into contact with her employer's nephew, the intriguing Gavin Dilney. And Gavin was irritatingly composed, powerfully attractive - and secretly married.

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1965 Hodder and Stoughton hardback
1967 Hodder and Stoughton paperback Second Impression 1974 (published by Coronet)
1972 IPC Magazines paperback Woman's Weekly Library (No 822)
1972 Beagle Books paperback

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