April Wooing

. . . an Iris Bromige title

April Wooing (1951)
Hodder and Stoughton (1951)

In the lovely setting of the French Alps, Mary Rowan seemed to have found the happiness she though had passed her by for ever.

What a strange twist of fate it was that David, whom she had learned to love so much, should be the one man in the world she could never marry.

On the back of the dust wrapper:

"Mary Rowan signed the cheque, attached it to the brief note, and reached for the envelope. That letter unlocked the door of her freedom. The long struggle to pay off her father's debt to John Bourne was over. Looking back down the years, the bitterness of the feud between her family and the Bournes, which had overshadowed her life ever since she was fifteen year old, now seemed so ingrained in the pattern that it was difficult to realise that on this hot day in August, in her twenty-eighth year, she was free of it. She had finished with it. She had severed the last link when she wrote that cheque five minutes ago. And now she was free to go ahead and to live her own life ..."

But only a few weeks later, out in Savoy with her employer the famous playwright, Rashley Dane, Mary was to meet David Bourne ...

April Wooing (1973)
Beagle Books (1973)

For Mary Rowan, the name Bourne meant hatred, death, and poverty. Once the Rowans and the Bournes were great friends - until tragedy struck and her father killed himself. And her mother later died under the strain of debt - leaving Mary to struggle with the burden of payment.

But now the debt was finished - or was it? What would the Bournes want now - now that Mary had fallen in love with their son ...?

Date Publisher Binding Remarks
1951 Hodder and Stoughton hardback Published May 1951
1973 Beagle Books paperback

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