. . . a list of titles by Iris Bromige

This page simply lists the titles of Iris Bromige's novels. It is just starting out and corrections, additions, publication dates, alternate titles etc would be very welcome. Just e-mail me.

Most of the titles have links to a catalogue page. Just click on the title to see the dust wrappers and read the original blurbs. This too is an on-going project.

All known alternate titles are listed.

Alex and the Raynhams Published: 1961
Characters: Nigel Lynton & Alex Madison
April Girl, An Published: 1967
Characters: Rupert Blayde & Philipa Croyde
April Wooing Published: 1951
Characters: David Bourne & Mary Rowan
Bend in the River, The Published: 1975
Characters: Pierre Valais & Antonia Mendyp
Broken Bough, The Published: 1973
Characters: Kevin Lymington & Harriet Nelson
Challenge of Spring, The Published: 1965
Characters: Gavin Dilney & Delia Lydgate
Chance For Love, A
 see Chequered Pattern
Changing Tide, The Published: 1987
Characters: Simon Ashtead & Nicola Rayden
Chequered Pattern Published: 1947
Alternate Title: A Chance for Love
Come Love, Come Hope Published: 1976
Characters: Garth Melrose & Claire Denver
Conway Touch, The Published: 1958
Characters: Hugo Conway & Nicola Marlyn
Dear Rebel Published: 1954
Writing As: Anne Tracey
Diana Comes Home Published: 1955
Characters: Paul Stafford & Diana Bishop
Distant Song, A Published: 1977
Characters: Simon Rannock & Sarah Rushden
Enchanted Garden, The Published: 1956
Characters: Julian Falconer & Fiona Goring
Encounter at Alpenrose Published: 1970
Characters: Gareth Ferrion & Kate Danville
Fair Prisoner Published: 1960
Characters: Clive Madison & Sarah Dallas
Family Group Published: 1957
Characters: Guy Carstairs & Jane Langdale
Family Web, The Published: 1963
Characters: Adam Birch & Dinah Courtland
Farewell To Winter Published: 1986
Characters: Paul Amberly & Emma Barcombe
Flowering Year, The Published: 1959
Characters: Garth Courtney & Nicola Marlyn
Frost and the Flower, The Published: 1952
Writing As: Anne Tracey
Gay Intruder Published: 1954
Characters: Max Sherwood & Gail Trevor
Golden Cage, The Published: 1950
Characters: Simon Ferndale & Karen Ferndale
Golden Summer Published: 1972
Characters: Darrell Brynton & Jean Lansford
Happy Fortress, The Published: 1978
Characters: Charles Menteith & Elizabeth Blayde
Haunted Landscape, A Published: 1976
Characters: Guy Romsey & Sophie Ventnor
House of Conflict, The Published: 1953
Characters: Mark Cedar & Pauline Avon
Alternate Title: Shall Love be Lost?
House Without Love, A Published: 1964
Characters: Martin Teviot & Jill Courtland
Laurian Vale Published: 1952
Characters: Phillip Dallas & Laurian Vale
Love Will Venture Published: 1952
Writing As: Anne Tracey
Lydian Inheritance, The Published: 1965
Characters: Randal Melbrais & Beth Teviot
Magic Place, A Published: 1971
Characters: Rolf Falkland & Frances Barbury
Marchwood Published: 1949
Characters: Laurie Deveral & Celia Howard
Master of Heronsbridge, The Published: 1969
Characters: Mark Staverton & Charlotte Leybury
New Life for Joanna, A Published: 1956
Characters: Don Carrbridge & Joanna Lesley
New Owner, The Published: 1956
Characters: Nicholas Darrington & Stella Verney
Alternate Title: Shifting Sands
Night of the Party, The Published: 1974
Characters: Marcus Wicklow & Lucy Nevis
Old Love's Domain Published: 1982
Characters: Ian Vestry & Laura Wycombe
One Day, My Love Published: 1979
Characters: Nick Barbury & Deborah Ryon
Only Our Love Published: 1968
Characters: Angus Ferndale & Linda Dawley
Paths of Summer, The Published: 1979
Characters: Mike Wexford & Josephine Riverton
Quiet Hills, The Published: 1967
Characters: Giles Coalville & Christine Rainwood
Rosevean Published: 1962
Characters: Rex Vernon & Ann Forester
Rough Weather Published: 1972
Characters: David Merville & Teresa Marne
Alternate Title: Sweet Love Remembered
Second Mrs Rivers, The Published: 1959
Characters: Simon Rawley & Carol Rivers
Shall Love Be Lost?
 see House Of Conflict, The
Sheltering Tree, A Published: 1970
Characters: Joel Vurney & Jennifer Barbury
Shifting Sands
 see New Owner, The
Slender Thread, A Published: 1985
Characters: Mark Vermont & Kate Shetland
Stay But Till Tomorrow Published: 1946
Characters: Robert Macfarlane & Kay Grant
Stepdaughter, The Published: 1966
Characters: Robert Rainwood & Bridget Armadale
Sweet Love Remembered
 see Rough Weather
Tangled Roots Published: 1948
Alternate Title: The Tangled Roots
Tangled Wood, The Published: 1969
Characters: Silas Helmsdale & Alison Blayde
Traceys, The Published: 1946
Wind In The Reeds, The Published: 1953
Characters: Alex Carr & Heather Ashbourne
Writing As: Anne Tracey, then reissued as Iris Bromige
Years Between, The Published: 1991
Characters: Philip Rogart & Emma Vurney
Youngest Rayburn, The Published: 1951
Writing As: Anne Tracey
Young Romantic, The Published: 1963
Characters: Ian Lancing & Melanie Sherbroke

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