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Originally, The Abbey Girls Club of New Zealand was the reason we gathered together, but the name of the group essentially eliminates those collectors who aren't keen on Elsie Oxenham's books. While this may be considered a terrible character flaw in some circles, we thought we'd like to see our meetings include those people in our area who collect the 'same sort' of books as we do. Holding 'Abbey' meetings can make local collectors with tastes similar to our own feel unwelcome.

To try to redress this, we've started issuing local Newsletters under the name of a new group. The name is, of course, Chocs - Collecting and Hoarding Old-fashioned Children's Stories. Rather yummy, we thought ...

Our plan for meetings is to hold one a month, with those in odd months (1, 3, etc - not the strange ones!) being on weekends when people from further away might be able to join us. Those on even months will be either evening or weekday meetings to enable people to attend the meetings that suit themselves. Our first meeting will be in December 2003.

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