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Saturday had two events scheduled, visiting another Sue in the afternoon and then around to Annette's place to fossick in her 'spares' pile. The morning was our own, and naturally we all ended up in second-hand book shops in different parts of Auckland.

Beth - Titirangi

Getting up on Saturday morning wasn't all that easy after our late night Friday, but this was the view from the windows of our billet. Beth (above) and Jane are grateful to Dorothy-Anne for both her hospitality and the view!

Barbara - At Sue's

At our afternoon meeting with fellow Chocs-style book collectors. From left to right: Heather, Angela, Barbara (one of the car-travelling pair from Wellington), and the 'other' Sue

Marianne - Annette's Garagae

In Annette's garage, Marianne worked her way through the 'spares'. Marianne and Sue were billeted with Annette and no doubt enjoyed their time searching among this lot!

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