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Welcome to the place where I put all my book information. It's sort of like my home library on the web. I collect mainly children's books (older fiction, science fiction, more contemporary Australian authors, pony books etc) but a few adult authors too. Slowly the links from this front page should build up as I gather the information together and manage to take time off from reading and collecting to make the web pages!

-*- Iris Bromige

A romance author. Through this link for a biography, list of titles, wants list, and a mailing list for fans and collectors etc.

-*- Gwendoline Courtney

A wonderful children's author. Through this link for a list of titles, 'my views', reprint details, etc.

-*- Chocs

A page for those who are Collectors and Hoarders of Old-fashioned Children's Stories. Meetings, book sales, etc

-*- New Zealand Charity and Library Book Fairs

A listing of the second-hand charity-style book sales we hear about.

-*- Contact Me

If you wanted to, you could just click here.

-*- Ahh, My Favourite 'New' Book Places

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